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Does Your Body-Care Product Line Offer These Benefits?


         Natural Anti-aging Formula That Works! with Visible, Healthy Glowing Results!  

  • No Parabens! We use a Paraben Free---Preservative System!
  • No Petroleum Derivatives, No Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates!
  • No Artificial Colorants or Dyes, Vegan - No Animal Testing or By-Products!
  • We are Not Mass Marketed! WE are; Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable with Eco-Chic Packaging!
  • For Each Product Purchased, a Portion goes to many Charities!
  • Made in the USA and FDA approved!
  • Free, Fresh- Home Garden and Recycled Flowers from the Commmunity, scented Potpourri Sachet with Every Order! ·       
  • Renew your Spirit with our Amazing Array of Life Products that Pampers your Body and Enhances your Well-Being!
  • All our Spa Body-Care Products Rejuvenate and Renew Dry, Aging Skin!
  • We have 70%-100% Certified Organic Ingredients! Healthier for your skin! 
  • Beautifully Scented with Quality Aromatherapy Certified Organic & Natural Essential Oils! Highest Quality, chosen from around the Globe!
  • Botanical Oils are made from herbs, spices and flowers and do not contain; Milneral Oil, Phthalates, Petroleum-Based Ingredients, Alcohols, Parabens, Sulfates, or Dipropolyne Glycol, Dilutants and all our Scents are 97%-100% Synthetic Free!
  • Our Spa Body Products are made in Small Batches not Mass Produced!   
  • Our Spa Body-Care, Nourishes, Moisturizes and Tones Dry Skin with Vitamins and Vital Protection!
  • Keep in mind that the skin is the largest organ in the body and it measures our internal health, it effects from what we eat, nutrition, stress, enviromental changes, medicines we take and hormones. All of this can deplete the skin the proper nutrientients it needs. WE need to eat right and maintain a good body care system for our skin. What goes in goes through your skin the epidermis and each layer after that to inside your body.  Patch Me Up, does just that...Patches your skin on the outs sdie with simple ingredients that work to give you visible glowing results, and healthier than your mass produced lotions. Why would you want to put anything else on your skin!


  • Money Saving Aroma Spa Packages packaged in Gorgeous Nostalgic Hat Boxes and see our Original Hat Box Artwork by Debra!
  • We are Proud Members of Green America, Organic Trade Association, Safe CosmeticsPETA, Animal Disaster Relief Fund, ASPCA and WSPA! 

     Please see Charities we give to in our 'About Us' section or tell us about one you would like to see your monies go to from our proceeds.

Want to relax, right this minute? Listen to one of our award winning Relaxation Music CD’s, over 21 different composers.

WE have been Recognized in many Magazines, TV, Newspapers, Trade Shows and Radio

Please see our  Press Releases!

Our mission: is to provide you with a Luxurious Body-Care Line--- a combination of high quality, reasonably priced organic products and accessories with old school customer service and we mean customer service, we will help you and  educate you. We have built our business around research for over 15 years, and we are so sure you will love our Spa Products that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, Why? because they Work and we know our ingredients!

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Our Goal: Contribute to your robust health and peace of mind. We subscribe to the greening of our planet and have a passion to help others. A portion of our proceeds go to many charities, please see article on About Us from the menu. We are bringing an nostaligic era back with our L'Artisane hat boxes and our artwork by Debra. Please see L'Artisane Boxes from the menu.

NOTE: It is important to take care of yourself; Mind, Body and Soul. There is an internal climate change, toward a personal kind of warming; ourselves. Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul. Make others important to you, live like tomorrow matters, slow down, make every moment count, and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Be Kind to Others and to Yourself and pay attention to what you Eat! Try and help others as well as our Animals, become a VEGAN! Save an Animal!  We give and belong to PETA --- please check out what is happening to the Animals, on or go to WSPA, ASPCA, IDA Defense for Animals, for the protection of Animals. 

Nature Transforms Us. Patch Me Up Luxurious Certified Organic & Natural Spa Products for...Deserving Bodies, Brings Back the Beauty of Nature...In You.

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